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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh  

12th Dec 2013

Carawan Al-Fahd Hotel

الحضور للنساء والرجال


 United Arab Emiartes - Dubai  

16th Dec 2013

Knowledge Village, Block 2A office g25



Subject The world of 3D Modeling & Animation Multichannel publishing strategies
Time Room 1 Room 2

09:00 -10:00

THE POWER OF CAD TOOLS FOR SKETCHING AND SCULPTURING A 3D DIGITAL MODELS Design and shape the world around you with the powerful, connected design tools in (CAD) Computer-aided design software ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD-DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY A whole new way to create everything you need in one place!

10:00 -10:20


10:20 -11:20

THE EASY WAY TO BUILD AND SCULPT A CHARACTER MODEL FOR GAME PURPOSE Employs the basic principles of animation to bring to life simple 3D characters ADOBE CC FOR VIDEO EDITING AND SERVICES FOR BROADCAST AND ENTERTAINMENT Meet the 150 added new features to Edit video faster than ever before!

11:20 -12:20

BUILDING 3D ANIMATION FOR MODERN PRODUCTION PIPELINE Creating 3D models is not as difficult as it may seem ADOBE WEB DEVELOPMENT WITH HTML 5 AND E-LEARNING Make it possible for the web to deliver highly engaging experiences

12:20 - 12:40


12:40 - 01:40

THE ADVANCED TECHNIQUES FOR SHADING, LIGHTING ADND RENDERING The last step in an animation process that gives the final appearance to the models and animation with visual effects THE WORLD'S BEST DESIGN TOOLS IN YOUR HANDS AND ON YOUR DESKTOP Comprehensive re-imagined solutions for demanding professionals
Register Now for Free   |    Tel :  00971 4 360 4554   |   أحجز مقعدك الان مجاناً

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